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  • Hands-on courses help you learn SAP quickly with a true learn-by-doing experience.
  • Skill assessments, quizzes, and exams help you measure your own progress over time.
  • Career paths guide you to master the profession of your choice.

What’s Included?


Course Library

1000s of hands-on simulations and video courses for a true learning-by-doing experience in all core SAP areas.


Learning Paths

30+ predefined learning paths for common SAP job roles guide you through the most appropriate courses.


Skill Assessments

50+ SAP skill assessments to identify your knowledge gaps quickly. Focus on what you really need to learn.



Complete our certification-level courses to earn your Certified SAP Professional status from Cadence.

They Chose Us*. Go Figure.

* Michael Management SAP training solution customers

Upgrade your SAP Skills.

Access to 1000s of hands-on lessons in all of SAP’s core areas.

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