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Our Focus Is To Help Your People Succeed With SAP

We provide people that are specialists in SAP change, learning and enablement.  People that will help you navigate your SAP transformation journey.  They bring qualities of expertise and experience to help you solve your SAP adoption challenge.

Whether you are embarking on a new SAP transformation or you are looking to maximise the return from your existing SAP solution, our network of talented people will develop and deliver the education and organisation change management solutions that work for you.



For Customers

Our mission is to cultivate high performing, experienced, and cost-effective teams of SAP change and training professionals. This means aligning the right skills, experience, and availability with your requirements. We know that successful technology adoption starts and ends with your people. Our focus is to enable you to drive value from your SAP solution through training, enablement and transformation.

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For Partners

We recognise and support the extraordinary value that the SAP Partner community delivers. We also acknowledge that you have spent considerable time, energy and investment developing your core capabilities. Our commitment is to help you secure the best talent available to support your own change and training teams.  Working together, we let you focus on what you do best.

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SAP Change Management

Effective Change Management enables you to achieve your business objectives with the support of your people. Whether your program is supporting an organisational transformation, or is focussed on a specific technology or transactional change, our experienced change practitioners offer capabilities, tools and methods to plan and realise your change journey.

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SAP Education & Enablement

Our extensive network of SAP training and enablement specialists possess the experience and expertise to drive value from your SAP solutions.  Whether you require a team to manage a comprehensive program of activities, or specialists to complement your in-house capability, we can deliver the appropriate mix of skills, knowledge, and industry experience.

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Cadence Performance Solutions delivers services and solutions that will accelerate your SAP user adoption journey.

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