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Training, Enablement, and Transformation

Our mission is simple: to cultivate high performing, experienced, and cost-effective teams of SAP change and training professionals. This means aligning the right skills, experience, and availability with your requirements. We know that successful technology adoption starts and ends with your people. Our focus is to enable you to drive value from your SAP solution through training, enablement, and transformation outcomes that deliver sustained performance gains.



We help our customers maximise value throughout every step of their change and training program of works. Explore our services to see how we deliver high quality and sustainable outcomes.



Explore our Cadence Connect solution for building and sustaining your SAP competencies to drive value from your investment.



We bring together all the elements you need to create a high performing change and training team. Our experience enables us to identify practitioners that can help realise your required solution.



We Understand Value

We are not trying to build empires.  We understand that by remaining lean and agile we can deliver outcomes for our customers for significantly better value than our competitors.


We Speak Your Language

We understand the issues associated with managing complex projects and we know how to do so within a budget and on time. Our people have delivered on projects multiple times and know how to get the job done.


We Love What We Do

We launched the SAP end-user education industry in Australia, via DA Consulting Group, more than 25 years ago and we are still alive to the challenge. It’s the people we have mentored, worked with, and worked for, that make this industry our passion. We are still innovating today with the launch of our Cadence Connect solution.


We Bring Unmatched Expertise

Between them, the principals have led the SAP Education practice in ANZ and managed the SAP Global Education Services portfolio. They also launched two of the largest SAP Education and Change Management consulting firms in Australia. Their networks, established over 25 years in the SAP end-user education space, are unrivalled.

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Cadence Performance Solutions delivers services and solutions that will accelerate your SAP user adoption journey.

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